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Mondriaan tulpenveld



The highlight of the Tulpenfestival (Tulip Festival) in 2017 is a big mosaïc of 6.000 square meters inspired by Mondriaan. In november the bulbs were planted along the Tuliproute in Noordoostpolder.

There are a lot of things to do and see while driving the route. For example there is a experience center from where you can fly above the Mondriaan with a helicopter. The reason for creating the Mondriaan mosaic is the national touristic theme ‘From Mondriaan till Dutch Design’.

In addition the landscape of Noordoostpolder looks like a Mondriaan. It is devided in rectangular forms. In 2017 we celebrate it has been 75 years since the Noordoostpolder is reclaimed from the sea.


Where and when:

15 april 2017 till about Monday 15 mei 2017.

It depends on the growth of the tulips


Noordermeerweg 27
8312 RC Creil